Hanging a Solo Gallery Show


Last night as I was packing up quilts for my upcoming solo show at the Driskill Gallery, I was thinking one is easy to roll up and ship to a show, but sixteen is a lot to handle. Then I got to the gallery this morning, and I remembered why I started making art quilts in the first place. Not many other art forms can fill a whole gallery with just a couple of funny-looking burritos.

They look small in the gallery space, but wait — they are amazing exploding burritos! And out pop all the quilts, much to gallery director Dianna Callahan’s amusement…

burittos.jpg Actually sixteen big quilts was too many for the gallery, so I brought three home. But there are a few odd-sized smaller spaces, so I’m back in studio, looking through some small work. Trouble is, I don’t make much small work.


11 thoughts on “Hanging a Solo Gallery Show”

  1. Blessings,

    Been there, done and doing that. There is a bit of Zen to hanging, on walls or old-fashioned clothes lines. Going up, under the lights, its surreally satisfying. Taking down, a relief. Yet the minds prepares for the next…


  2. Hope you will show pics of the show after it is all hung. I don’t think I will ever have enough work to fill a gallery. Maybe I should start working larger.

  3. I really wish I was in the area and could see the show in person. I am certain you will do a great job sharing it on your blog. Thanks for being sure a great communicator, as well as an inspiring artist with such a wonderful clear and loud voice!

  4. Good luck with the show – agree that “quilts” are the easiest art form to carry around (except I like to be awkward and put 3D elements on mine which I have to be careful not to squash!)

  5. I carried all my work for a show (12 pieces of various sizes) in a duffle bag on the streetcar. It was a little awkward to have the hanging rods too as it was rush hour and people aren’t used to dodging long poles on their commute, but the duffle bag of exploding burrito art was great!

  6. exploding magic burrito art. I like the sound of that! :0)

    From what I can see of the quilts, they look amazing! I’d love to see more picture of them up close!

    Good luck with the show.


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