More Distressed Jean Projects


Yikes, someone dropped a plane-load of relatives off at our house over the MLK weekend, so it was off to the studio for Distressed Jeans 201 (for 101 see this post two years ago.)

Heather picked pink stars to spell her name and the Japanese symbol for Love, but I was a little surprised when Sol picked a Jane Sassaman fabric to wrap his name around the leg of his jeans…


jeans2.jpgIn fact it was about a nine-step process from scale drawings to sewing to accomplish it the way he envisioned. Not to mention the additional bleaching, washings, and distressing with power tools.


But Sol is an artistic guy and always painting his shirts and shoes to make them unique. When I asked him what the girls think of his flamboyant clothes, he said, “Why do you think I do it?”

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