Under the Weather


If you’re wondering about all the spastic changes to my blog lately, I’ve had two flavors of colds over the last week and haven’t had much energy but to sit on the sofa and dink around with it. What is it about computers that can suck up the time? It’s still much more entertaining than watching day-time tv while clutching the kleenex box.

Haven’t been able to sleep all night, and in just a few hours, I’ll have to drag a ladder over to the Creamery Art Center to help change out our exhibition space. Things are looking a little thin at the studio lately, with almost all my work (that’s any good) out and about. Check out my new page of current exhibitions, it took a while to track it all down! You’ll have to agree that I need to feel better and get back to work.

10 thoughts on “Under the Weather”

  1. I hope the virus decides it’s not worth sticking around and you feel better soon. I just got over something that sounds just like you describe. I could not be farther than an arms reach from a tissue box. After three weeks, I finally feel normal again. Best wishes to a speedy recovery.

  2. Hi Pam,
    Sorry to hear that you are under the weather! I work in the Emergency Room so I have built up some weird kind of resistance to all of these various bugs. I have probably only had one cold in the past 7 years! But there are a lot of people in the same boat as you, we have been REALLY busy the past couple of months. I hope that you feel better soon!!!

  3. Pam,
    Sorry to hear that your feeling sick! This winter’s crazy weather seem to making for a lot more illness than usual. It finally caught me on Sunday, when I must have sneezed 1000 times –thought I would sneeze my head off. My neighbor brought me a home remedy that seem to be helping – 1 part apple cider vinegar, 2 parts honey, top with hot water. Drink once a day.
    Feel better soon!

  4. Hi Pam,
    I read your blog all the time and really enjoy it. I clicked on your new page of “current exhibitions” to was excited to find that your work is at The Museum of Craft + Design in my home town of Charlotte. I can’t wait to check it out.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Pam,
    Sure hope I’m not responsible for one or both flavors of colds you have been suffering from. I sat right next to you at the last meeting of the UT group. Feel better soon.
    Yes, you have been busy playing around with your blog. Today all is well, but yesterday, I couldn’t get it to load.
    I meant to write after your post about distressing and embellishing the jeans with your family. You have got to be the Favorite Aunt. I wish I had had someone like you in my life when I was a kid, maybe all this art stuff wouldn’t seem like such a mystery to me now.

  6. I just peeked at your current exhibits page. Even is your feeling so punk, you must be doing something right. Dump the ladder and go back to the couch. Or try some Musinex. Merrilee recommends it and it works! (Oh! You have spell-check! Thank God!) Hugs.

  7. Pam,
    Sorry to learn that you too have been so “under the weather” with the dreaded cold bug. And yes, it certainly has zapped any attempts at creativity that I normally enjoy. Hope you are better soon.


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