Mystery Trip


What do you pack when you go on a trip? This week the Illustration Friday theme is “Choose” so it seems appropriate that I’m trying to choose what to take. Whenever I go on a trip, I take waaayyy too much, and then when I get there, nothing matches, it’s the wrong season, or I spend most my time wishing I’d brought something else or shopping for something I’ve forgotten.

And what if you didn’t know where you were going? Tomorrow I leave on a mystery trip. I have no idea where to. I’d check the weather, but I don’t know were it is. The funny thing is, it’s kind of fun not knowing! Guess I should stop drawing and start packing.

15 thoughts on “Mystery Trip”

  1. mystery trip sounds…mysterious. 😉 the packing dilemma totally resonates with me. usually take far too much when it’s just myself. as long as I know the weather, I’m usually okay. when it’s my husband and I on a trip, interestingly enough, we often pack using the same suitcase. it’s like a fun challenge we create for ourselves. let’s pack a weeks worth of clothes and shoes in the same bag. so far it’s worked out.

  2. Mystery trip? – that sounds like so much fun. I think I would have better luck packing for a mystery trip than a known trip – like you, I don’t do very well.

  3. ooooooooooohhhhhhhh, WHAT FUN!!! Have a great time! I can’t think of anything more romantic! Yeah, black bottoms are a great idea! and just think, you can always do some shopping, so bring an empty suitcase or two along just in case! 😉


    and take lots of pics to share with us!!

  4. Thanks! I struggled with the colors for a long time, before settling on this combination. It’s kind of hard to make about drawing about clothes that don’t match without making it really ugly!

  5. Oh, I have often the same problem: what can I put into my travelling bag?
    Very often I put at risk…all my house! Funny but indeed truthfull concept! I like this colors selection.

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