twitter.jpg Lisa asked me why I signed up for Twitter, did I see any value in it? Not really, I’m just intrigued by the idea of disembodied quotes floating around in cyberspace. It’s like a mini-blog, but there’s no commitment and no images, you can just pop in and out whenever you feel like it.

I also like the idea that tweets must be less than 140 characters, kind of like haiku of the internet. I often get inspired, sometimes even visual flashes from unusual word combinations, in poetry, in written words translated from other languages, and in my own emails that I try to make inventive. So Twitter kind of forces inventive ways of writing because of the limited character count.

And I like the interface, and there’s different tools you can get to manage it. Anyone else out there on Twitter? Almost forgot, here I am on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Twitter”

  1. I learned about it through a niece in her 30’s who wanted an easier way to keep her friends updated. For some reason, she has this old lady grouped in with her young friends! At first it made me uncomfortable following her and the others she follows, like too much information or verging on peeping tom. But I tentatively entered a few twitters of my own, which delighted her no end. I find the restrictions on characters a good discipline for my usual wordy self. And it is fun to pop in and see her latest rant or observation and occasionally even contact her directly – it’s sort of like IMing I think.
    The one thing I did not do was make myself public – only she sees what I write. But she was bolder and has garnered a boyfriend out of it. Ah youth!

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