Back in the Groove


Nice monitor huh? Got for my birthday, and it plugs into my laptop to give me two screens for drawing and looking at reference material.

Drawing for quilts is different than just drawing, because I have to remember that eventually it will be used as a pattern, and that I have be able to construct everything that I draw.

Thanks Grace Matthews for this post which quotes Faith Ringgold, “Underestimation is a psychological tactic for artists. When you employ this tactic you convince yourself that the upcoming project is not really so big or so bad, that it will not take much time and that in fact it’s a piece of cake. This method of trickery helps you to tackle the biggest of projects and makes the project less daunting and more manageable.” This is a great idea and has helped me getting started tackling some projects I’ve been worried about.


But most important, little friends and good music help oil the creative machine. Right now I’m listening to Lemon Jelly.

7 thoughts on “Back in the Groove”

  1. Right now I’m using a Wacom graphire 3, the smallest version, think it’s 4″x 5″. In the past I’ve had bigger ones, with more pressure levels, but have found for my kind of drawing and photo-retouching, don’t need it. Also I like the smaller ones for traveling. I think Wacom has a tablet called Bamboo out now that looks pretty good.

    I love my tablets (one at home, one at work). Even if you’re not drawing, using a tablet can relieve the pain from too much mouse-clicking.

  2. Love you Mac set up! I added a 20″ monitor to mine and love running both screens. But I noticed you have a drawing tablet… what kind are you using, do you like it, and does it work well for you?

    Love your blog!

  3. Not sure, I think it’s something like a 20″. I’m not at the studio so can’t measure it.

    It has a wonderful picture, but a couple of problems, You can adjust the tilt, but can’t raise or lower it as you can with some flat screens. And the cord management system is a mess, look back at all those white cords. One is for power, another USB, another is firewire. You can run 2 USB’s and 2 firewires through it which is nice for the tablet and a harddrive backup, but the cords are really weird!

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