How to Choose a New Floor


It’s been busy lately at the studio, trying to get our renovating done for a big May 1 deadline. Yesterday Mochi dropped her bone to vote for the new studio floor. Looks like she votes for the darker color.


Wait a minute! In another room, she changes her vote. How come dogs get more than one vote in the great flooring debate? ….hmm, muddy paws, shedding hair, and scratchy toenails. Oh yeah, real life is not a democracy.

12 thoughts on “How to Choose a New Floor”

  1. I like the darker too. However, I like the lighter for small spaces. But I also like IKEA for small spaces.

    Flax muffins don’t sound tasty.

  2. Cute pup. Just a note to tell you I saw you on the Quilting Arts new show. I ordered the DVD’s and watched yours first. You looked good and very relaxed. Great job!

  3. Pam – the larger question is why, given that they can sit anywhere on the entire floor, will dogs gravitate to whatever you’ve laid down and park their kiesters there? And while we’re at it, why will a cat always decide the newspaper you’re reading is the best place on the kitchen counter to sit?

    Mochi is the cutEST.

  4. I’ll bet that the only ones who might have a better life than you dog are my five cats. They wouldn’t even bother to vote. It’s beneath them; I’m supposed to read their minds!!!

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