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cps_studios1.jpg I can’t believe April is already half over, and I haven’t yet told you about this article. Last December Patricia Bolton asked me to submit some information about my studio for a special edition of the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors.

Having a lot photos for this blog and just general shutter-bugitis, I sent some in with a brief written tour.

cps_studios3.jpgcps_studios2.jpgSo here’s the result. You can pick up a copy at bookstores, or order online here. There’s lots of fabulous studios featured, I’m loving Jane Davila‘s studio and of course, Sara Lechner‘s — had to crack up at her story of buying 75 sets of shelves. And I thought I was crazy!

Also lots of great organizational tips for studios. Seems ironic that the article would come out just as we’re trying to finish up renovating the front of what CPS calls the “art factory,” but never fear — the part in the magazine remains true to the photos, so you’ll be seeing the real deal.

Meanwhile I’m sooo excited, can hardly wait until tomorrow when they will start installing the new bamboo floor in the front offices. Hope the finished product is worth all the agony of moving out again and the dust and noise.

We’re going for a complete change of aesthetic — more like a gallery feel, so it will be fun to have something different and better for photographing art than the old orange-black floor (it has been Halloween 24-7 for eight years — enough already!)

12 thoughts on “Studio Article in Cloth Paper Scissors”

  1. Hi Pam
    I picked up a copy of the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors special issue Studios.
    What a great article.
    Absolutley loved the amount of space you have.
    Gives me ideas what to do with my space.
    I have a question about the quilting system you are using on Page 52 of the magazine. What is it and who sells it?
    Thanks Marie

  2. Unlike Gerrie, I ordered the issue and I DO have studio envy! I love your work and I can see how the space you’ve set up supports it. And also that you’ve been able to set up such an incredible space partly BECAUSE of the creativity that makes your work so great. Anyway, I’m inspired. Hope to have at least a little space of my own within a year and will borrow some of your ideas for setting it up. That magazine’s going everywhere with me until I get my studio!

  3. Loved the Studios article about your art space. I am glad you got in. As an aside, the 1000 Journals movie will be in SF next week and I will try to attend. Hope it comes your way as well.

  4. I’d been ‘hearing’ about this publication on other blogs and really wanted to read it myself. I was afraid, however, that it was one of those that would make me ill. Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer and had my husband pick one up for me on his way home from work one night. I was able to go to the beach the next day and read most of it there. (The fresh air off the water seems to help disperse the fumes.) I was surprised to see you in there, but delighted at the same time! Happily, I’m not feeling the need to further organize or revamp my studio space as a result of seeing what others have done ;- ) It is always fun to see what other artists are doing though.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your work, it is so clever and colorful and fun! Thanks for the inspiration. Congrats on your success and being able to share your studio and your work with the public. And I love your sketches (in the post down below), I don’t know if I see the world in landscape or portrait, I’m just starting to figure that out, I think. Have a good week!

  6. GREAT article and introduction to you! That is how I got here to your website and blog. Am interested in your design walls – what thickness of builder’s insulation did you use? Why did you frame the builder’s insulation with wood? And where do you find flannel wide enough to cover one of these walls?! LOVE your work and your studio – very envious here!

  7. I am slowly savoring this issue while noting idea for my own studio… I just got to Jane’s spread, you’re next I believe… I am sure I’ll have to try to control my pangs of jealousy when I get you…

  8. I bought that issue of Studios last week and what a pleasant surprise! That is a great issue, and it was fun to see you in there! It isinspiring me to straighten up my messy studio!

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