Creative To Do Lists

Since recently I’ve had little time to make art, I got the idea to make creative to-do lists in my moleskine. The idea was to do an experimental page each morning, and since it was only a to-do list, I felt no inhibitions about creating a great work of art. It was merely a chance to experiment with different media.


Each day that I did a new page, I immediately felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and was able to go about my day with new energy. Now I’m trying to decide if I should continue the habit. Am I the only one who is constantly tinkering with my schedule, hoping to find the perfect creative routine?

8 thoughts on “Creative To Do Lists”

  1. Me too. Me too. I think making these tiny little trim sail adjustments keep things interesting, a and I hope, move us just tinily along the right path. PS LOVE that sewing machine in the later post.

  2. Thanks everyone!
    We all need help with motivation once in a while. I hope your daughter likes the idea too, Christine.


  3. I am passing this idea along to my daughter. She is the queen of to-do lists, and incorporating the creative element could make it even more rewarding than just marching through the list. Your enthusiasm for daily creativity is inspiring.

  4. I am always tinkering too.. and as you I find that if I at least doodle a bit during the day everything goes smoother.. I love the idea of starting a day off with a sketch..

  5. I am always trying to find a better way to organize my life and my time. Since my husband’s retirement and my elderly Mom’s confinement in a skilled care home, I have a totally different life….or should I say I really have no life. It is frustrating, to say the least, but I can think of lots worse ways to live, so I am happy to have what I have!


  6. No, you are not alone. I am constantly trying to cram some creativity in to my schedule. I can do the writing creativity, but the drawing is harder. I am not sure why, but suspect I haven’t found the perfect medium. Love the idea of creative to do lists.

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