Moving a Sculpture, or this weekend reminds me why I make quilts


We finally got back up to Omaha to pick up this sculpture purchased at the Bemis Art Auction last fall. It will be a fun Memorial weekend project to move it back home for our new sculpture garden collection.

It’s very heavy and awkward to move — took six guys to drag it to the edge of the loading dock at the Bemis, before it could be lifted with a fork truck.



Oops, lost a wheel.


Actually in the end, it worked better to take off all the wheels and load them separately.


Oh well, if the wheels really worked, it would just spin in a circle anyway. The sculpture is very heavy and now the truck and trailer is difficult to drive on the highway. Although it was a beautiful evening in old downtown Omaha last night, today the forecast is for heavy storms, wind and hail. Should be a exciting trip home!

Also stopped yesterday at the 51st Brownsville, NE historic flea market and craft festival. Wait till you see what I got there…

2 thoughts on “Moving a Sculpture, or this weekend reminds me why I make quilts”

  1. Love the barbed wire candy Kiss – where are you gong to put it? Hope you’re home by now safe and sound. Maybe, the way this weekend has gone, the sculpture looks more like an upside-down tornado than a Kiss. Like everything else, it’s all in your point of view!

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