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As promised, here’s my prize snag at the 51st Brownsville flea market and craft festival. It’s a Modern sewing machine made in Japan, and actually my eagle-eyed husband spotted it sitting inside an ugly white plastic case in the mud just outside of a woman’s tent who said it belonged to her mother. Rather than carry it back to her car at the end of the festival, she sold it cheap. And luckily for me, my husband agreed to carry it to our truck.

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  1. Hello,
    Guess I am a bit late to the game here lol I also have a Modern machine but mine is 30 de luxe note 60. I am wondering if anyone can send me some info on this machine?
    Thank you so much for your time,

      1. Hi, I was just given that machine and am not sure how to thread it bc the tension knob is behind and not out front. Can you find the diagram still, pls?

  2. Hiya!!! I found this blog post from a google search for the Modern brand sewing machine. Do you have any instructions for how to thread it??? I can’t find any info on it—manual, threading info—nothing. Any help or leads would be appreciated. Thanks so much, blessed be, hugs!!!

    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

    1. I have a manual for one it came with mine when I got from a thrift store not the bast shape but I can try to scan it and send when I get home again, will be a couple weeks though

      1. Hi John,
        My daughter was just given 1 of these vintage Japanese sewing machines “MODERN”. We have not been able to find a manual. Would you be so kind as to send us or allow us to purchase from you a copy of this manual? We would greatly appreciate any help.

        Rhonda Bartley

        1. I have just purchased this same machine but mine was badged H.G Palmer after a company that closed in Australia in the 60s
          I have found the 15-91 Singer manual to be very close to this machine.
          I downloaded from ISMACS
          regards Marianne

  3. Please help!!!! my mom has a ” modern ” sewing machine, and we can’t find any info on it. it’s a little newer than the one in the pic. above ( I think) if anyone can help please email me

  4. I have a Modern Vintage sewing machine. It was my mother in laws and I have no idea how old it is If she were living she would be almost 100 and do not know if she bought it new or used. It works and looks like all parts are with it but I cannot figure out how to thread it. It is blue and looks a lot like the one in the picture above. Can anyone help me.

  5. I just came home with a similar machine… only a White. Came with accessories… but no footpedal. Any suggestions on where I might find one? Any direction would be tremendously appreciated!!!

    P.S. As a quilter too… I will be sure to check out your other blogs and website!!!!!

  6. Hi. I have one identical, except mine does’t have the original motor like yours.
    is “modern” the brand?
    is it posible to get the users manual for this unit?
    do you know how old is it? I’d like to know.

    I’ll thank you if you share me information about your beauty sewing machine.

  7. I think you have the twin of my machine, only mine’s in the wood box… Since they look rather similar, I would be willing to bet they’re about the same age, and mine was my husband’s grandmothers, bought either in ’50 or thereabouts.

    The wiring can be fixed – my husband did it to the one we have – so that it’s not a hazard.

    1. Hi Sara, mine didn’t come in a wooden box. It was sort of a white case with a nubby texture over it and the base matched the machine (I think). I got rid of it while back because it didn’t look that great, and Iike the machine sitting out in my studio. Yours sounds nicer.

      1. I was just searching for instructions on how to put the bobbin back in the machine and found your blog again. I haven’t messed with my machine in almost a year, so I’ve forgotten how it all goes back together. Since this is my only sewing machine, I need to remember quick fast and in a hurry. Lol

  8. I just bought a similar machine at a flea market as well. The two wires that come out of the base on the right are cut on my machine. Could you tell me what these are connected to and what their purpose is? My DH loves to dabble in electronics (and he’s quite good) and said he would try to fix it for me. Thanks for your help.

    1. Dear Carmen,
      I have a machine identical to the one in the picture on the top of the page except my name plate says ” MODERN HOME” . It is still in the base like yours but my wires are still attached. The top wire is for the plug and the lower wire is for the foot pedal. I certainly hope this was some help.

      1. Hi. I run a non profit Thrift
        shop for Families with children
        that are homeless. We got a donation
        of the exact sewing machine and I have no idea of what to price it. Could you please give me some advice or let me know a ballpark figure and what you paid. Thanks so
        much it would be very helpful. Myra

  9. sorry Morgan and Tim,

    I just found it for sale at an outdoor flea market, and don’t know anything else about it. Good luck on your quest.

  10. i just found a modern machine that came with a sewing table. i don’t know much about sewing machines at all, and have been trying to find more information about Modern, but can’t seem to find anything! the table & machine i found were in an old old house that was being torn down in NH and no one had lived there for years. nobody had any info on it!

    any idea how old your machine is, or what years the company was around? i’d really like to learn more about this piece

    thanks so much.

  11. I am trying to find info on a modern 85 super deluxe sewing machine it looks something like yours but still a little different it still in the old wooden case and the wires are so so lol but it runs great but i is missing the part that holds the needle can you send me a pick of yours so maybe i can see what mine is missing . Thanks: Tim

  12. Hi ,, I was wondering if you would have the manual to this machine or instructions on how to thread it as I have one just like it but no manual , This thing is ancient lol ,Thank you

  13. My mother has a “Modern” machine. It was her first sewing machine. She still uses it. Very simple to operate, works wonderful.

  14. I love it… I too have an old machine… My mother’s from the 50’s… It’s underneath my sewing table… perhaps I should get it out and on display… it’s very heavy though!! heh heh Lx


  16. Beautiful machine. It looks almost identical to the vintage Singer 15-91 that I have. It has the reputation of being a very good for free motion quilting. I love sewing with my vintage sewing machines.

  17. Unfortunately the wires that go to the motor are in really bad shape, almost burnt up to nothing. It looks highly dangerous to even think about plugging in into a socket.

    I don’t need another machine for sewing, but couldn’t resist since it was so cool-looking and only fifteen bucks!

  18. That is the coolest sewing machine ever! They just don’t make ’em like that anymore. By the way, I’m so tickled with your “Take Me To Your Dentist” that I bought at the SAQA Foot-Square auction. Every time I see one of your little spacemen in your quilts, I think “I have one of those!”

  19. You are the lucky one…what a great machine though i am clueless what it is…you can find old machines around here all the time at antique stores-still reasonable and at flea markets…guess they sewed alot in the south?!

  20. Hi! I’m finally getting around to all my fave blogs. I have been home almost a week and still feeling sleep deprived and confused. I am so relating to all your comments about being distracted and trying to get back on track. I am in a there is always tomorrow mode for the time being!!

  21. Where are those machines hiding in Maine. I’ve NEVER seen any sewing machine for sale around here. I think it may be because we are so far off the beaten track that folks tend to ‘fix it’ more than in more urban area.

    BEAUTIFUL MACHINE. Does it work?

  22. Oh Pam, what a wonderful, adorable machine! Its SOOO PaMdora!! Will it be making an appearance in a quilt with her?

  23. Wow, Pam, your “Modern” looks to be in like-new condition. It has quite a sophisticated look about it. Any idea of its age?

  24. Oh! What a great find.I con;t understand why “new” machines are only made in white. THis looks like a nice clean machine too. How does it run?

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