Finally had to admit that to start a new series of work, I had to get rid of all the old stuff on the walls. So that meant taking down all the old PaMdora quilts that were pinned up on this wall for display for the last group tour.

But it also meant putting away all the little cutouts that I like to leave hanging around. As you can see, I still have trouble giving up everything. How can I give up my precious banana peel, a pink-polka-dot cat, and fuzzy pink mittens? Not to mention the headless dress form wearing vintage ribbons and the PaMdora screen print… Each one pains me to put away, but I don’t know why.


That’s better. Nothing like a totally blank and boring wall to motivate you to start some new art.


Finally after ditzing around all day trying to recover my water-stained (only on the bottom edges) pin boards, I get started trying to block in color and fabrics for a new series.

I like to look at the colors and abstract shapes to decide if I have a good design. I think these compositions look sort of static and that worries me, but the idea here is that I’m going to make a series of small quilts to hang around a central concept for an upcoming show in September, so the design of each one will be simple.


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