When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Evacuate


Well, I thought I was tough anyway, sweating it out all summer in my studio with no air conditioning. But truthfully, it has been a mild summer…..until last weekend. Finally it got so hot, and add to that no windows to vent all the heat of my overhead lights and an iron that is constantly on HOT, that I knuckled and resorted to my emergency heat evacuation plan.

I moved my sewing machines to the newly redone gallery, love that bamboo floor! But even better, the now all-white walls and big open space. Formerly a meeting room and kitchen, we redesigned this room to be more of a multi-purpose room, and now it seems a wise investment.


The lighting’s not as even as my studio, but it’s cool! And I have all sorts of interesting new thoughts when I look up from my sewing and see the Russ RuBert beautiful sculptures. What a yummy place to work!

9 thoughts on “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Evacuate”

  1. Hey Miles, thanks for your comments!
    I can’t imagine sewing in 104 heat, I wilt at 98.
    haha, but bet your siblings wouldn’t like the deal!

    take care…

  2. Reminds me when I first started out quilting a couple years ago I was working in our garage. That lasted two summers (in Bakersfield, CA. heat) before I finally caved. Imagine sewing in 104 degree heat!
    I am in lust over your space you pictured. I would sell a sibling into white slavery for it.

  3. Made me think of being in the National Gallery of Art last week watching an oil painter set up at an easel while I studied the Dutch masterworks. How fantastic to do this with a sewing machine. Enjoy.

  4. At least in South Texas we know we HAVE TO HAVE A.C. The room looks beautiful though and love seeing Russ’ work in the space, too. Of course I am at the coast, which sounds nice, but is, this time of year, a sweltering sauna until about 9 pm!

  5. It’s an Ott light which is supposed to be true color. I bought it on sale a long time ago, but don’t need it in my studio where the lighting is even, but it’s come in handy in this room.

    My eyes are older than your eyes…..and getting worse all the time!

    Thanks for the comments!

  6. That bamboo flooring certainly looks nice. I like all the sculptures, but I have to say that I’m taken with that bench. At first it looked like it’s made as a seat for two. But when I glanced again, suddenly it made me think of a man squatting sumo-style. Very cool!

    Hmm, what kind of lamp do you use? Does it have true-color lighting? I’m looking for a better solution for my sewing desk. It seems like I need more light … darn those 40 yr old eyes. 🙂

  7. Someone keeps leaving the door between the gallery and warehouse open, I guess that’s how they think they are going to air condition it.
    (haha, bad idea!)

  8. I am so lucky to have the daylight basement for my studio. It is the coolest place in the house, stays in the low 70’s even when it is in the 90’s outside. But, I wouldn’t mind some of Russ’s work to look at!

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