I’d better brush up on my Greek Architecture


The spirit of the Olympics has filled me, and I had to get to work on this rendition of an early Greek athlete. I had him trade in his dumbbell for an iPod shuffle though, so I guess that brings him up to date.

I print out big patterns for my quilts but nothing is set in stone. Throughout the process, I continue to have new ideas, so I’m often drawing the changes on the pattern as I go along. In this case, I finally had an idea how to use this great light table that Russ got at auction last spring. I don’t know the exact size, but for scale, that’s a Sharpie pen on the right side of the drawing.


Sort of looking like a cowboy right now, but give it time. I’m loving working with all these new characters, it’s getting to be like a crazy party in my studio with lots of interesting wallflowers.

3 thoughts on “I’d better brush up on my Greek Architecture”

  1. She’s sort of on hold for the moment. I have lots more PaMdora-isms in me, but for this show I decided to introduce a variety of new characters. Hopefully I’ll get a post written soon about my motivation!

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