Fabric scorecard


Until now, I had been proud of myself — for getting fast at making decisions and not waffling. Until I hit this pink wall of doubt. Looking at last night’s photos and drawings, I thought the pink background was too pale, so went fabric hunting and bagged some purple.

I don’t like to change background fabrics in the middle of the process — it’s a real time-waster. But after changing and studying the photos, I think the real problem is not the pink, but the too-dark river below. Besides, I like the fifties-looking texture of the pink better too. The purple has a polka-dot pattern, but they don’t show up on camera  and looks muddy = negative points for purple.

By the way, this is five feet tall. When I first started this series, my idea was to keep them small so I could finish several. But each one has gotten bigger and bigger. I guess it’s just part of the big-hair syndrome.

9 thoughts on “Fabric scorecard”

  1. Thanks for your help everyone — I guess I was looking for reassurance to go back to the bubblegum pink, and now I have it!

  2. Yeah, but when you’re only five foot like me, a five foot tall quilt seems big! Especially when it’s mostly all someone’s head.

    Don’t worry, no stones being thrown here. We all live in glass houses these days, right? 🙂

  3. It ain’t the size of the quilt, but the motion of the stitchin’. Or something like that, right?
    I know that all my pieces end up larger than I anticipated. Great work, but I’m kinda partial to the purple (may the stoning begin).

  4. Yep, I agree it is the dark river. I love the big hair but hey, I’m from Texas where we are known for “big hahr”. Lighter pink for sure.

  5. I’ve been admiring your work for quite some time, but don’t think I’ve ever thrown a comment in. I’m inspired this time though to say that I definitely prefer the bubblegum pink background. The “river” below might be better a bit lighter, but I think it’s ok.

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