Musings on the Creamery Art Center


Gerrie asked about the motivation behind this new series “Wish You Were Hair” and it’s true it’s inspired by my collection of vintage postcards. Also my fascination with travel and world monuments and landmarks…

But the real motivation — I can’t get out of mind the kids who come through the Creamery Arts Center. I’ve been trying to put stuff into these pieces that I think kids will like, and if they come with their parents, there will be interesting things to talk about.

Just outside of the exhibition space at the Creamery are ballet classes, so I drew this tight-rope dancer. I guess I’ve just always wanted to draw a circus, and won’t it be fun to play with color here! I’d like to add a little tiny elephant on the ground below, and I don’t know what building this is, so for now I’m calling it TipToe Temple.

11 thoughts on “Musings on the Creamery Art Center”

  1. Love your drawing and name is perfect too. Been awhile since I’ve stopped in, busy getting ready to move south.

    Today, I have nominated your BLOG for the Brillante Weblog Award! Please stop by my blog to pick up your award, and then post it here for all to see, CONGRATS!

  2. Pam: THis is really neat. I loved the drawing and being a fan of Chagall and sometimes of Salvador D., I enjoyed the flying legs! You are certainly one of the most creative people I’ve met!

  3. I was at Matsumoto Castle a long time ago, but didn’t remember it looked like that, Maybe my subconscious drew it.

    Have to go back and look at the old album (that was pre-digital days). That would be very cool if it was somewhere I had been! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Thanks Kim,I’ve been trying to get more relaxed about not over-editing. Those flying legs in the air, my “tidy” nature wanted to drop them out, but I just really liked them.
    Then I remembered Chagall had all those flying people in his paintings and that made them much more interesting. Maybe every more flying acrobats would be exciting.

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