Collages for the Creamery


When our studio flooded, a lot of framed art got ruined. Since the Creamery Arts Center has lots of odd spaces, I cleaned the old frames and designed some collages to fit into them for the show.


Here’s the finished quilts in the show, but for fun I included some framed pages from my sketchbooks to show where the ideas come from.


“Paris – wish you were Hair.” The old vintage postage from my collection is from 1904 and someone wrote their postcard message on the front of the image.


“Seattle, the Space Needle – wish you were Hair”. Haven’t done the quilt for this this idea yet.


Actually, I drew this idea for “Twin Bridge”, then happened to find the postcard that matched. ooohwaa!


We had this really huge frame, so I put my actual pattern for “Athens – wish you were Hair”, with alternations into it. There was a little extra room, so I added some sketches and graphic inspirations at the bottom.


This one I called “Elements of an Art Quilt” because I included a stitch test for “St. Louis – wish you were Hair” to try out the effects of different thread colors on fabrics (and left the edges unfinished so that the astute observer could see the top layer, batting and backing), some graphic research and inspiration images, a pastel pencil practice for stitch patterns, and a wad of thread I picked up off the floor of my studio.

The little drawing in the corner gives a clue what “King Tut” (a variegated quilting thread) is because I used the reference in the labels on the stitch test on the left.

13 thoughts on “Collages for the Creamery”

  1. Hi Angela,

    I hope it won’t disappoint you to tell you that my sketchbooks are generally messy, and it’s a precious drawing that comes out clean looking. I did have to cull through a lot of drawings to find a few that were worth framing.

    You’re right though about the line, it really is what drives my work!

  2. Pam, great way to share your art-making process and to enrich the viewers understanding of your art. It is interesting to me to see how your sketchbook has the same austere and clean quality that your finished pieces have. Since your work is so strong in the color use, it is easy for me to forget how the line really drives your pieces, but your sketchbook makes it so clear.

    The show looks great. Congratulations!

  3. Brilliant idea to frame up your inspirations and working sketches. Really helps artists and non-artists alike understand the process better. I think we often assume art springs directly from the artist’s mind to canvas or fiber or whatever medium with nothing happening in between.

  4. As usual, I love your art. It is wonderful for you to have posted your sketches etc. for the public (and other fiber artists) to see. Mine aren’t as exciting as yours, grin. You are a great inspiration in your work. I just can’t figure out how you can work on such huge pieces of artwork.

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