Cakes and more Cakes


The other night I had a dream that I should draw some cakes. Not just a few, but a whole lot. Here’s all I got started with, then ran out of ideas, so I’ll have to look up some recipes. And I don’t know where that silly elf in the chef hat came from.

johnhimmelfarb1.jpg Here’s probably what inspired the idea of a massive drawing (although not sure about the cake part.) This is a huge drawing by John Himmelfarb that I saw in a private collection in Nebraska. Not sure about the scale? Look at the reflection in the glass — that is a spiral staircase for scale.


It’s made up of hundreds of little scratchy drawings, sort of silly like mine, but of course more organized and thought out in the layout. I really love this guy’s use of line, which Angela noted, “drives my work.”

We were up there, Lincoln and Omaha, for some International Sculpture Centers meetings and as a consequence, got lots of art saturation — the Sheldon had a really lovely Elizabeth King retrospective, a Christo and Jeanne-Claude presentation at the Kaneko, and a sneak peek at the artist residencies of the Bemis. Enough to make one feel very small and awkward in a world of huge talent and inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Cakes and more Cakes”

  1. Thank you so much for the introductions to John Himmelfarb and Elizabeth King – so different, and both hugely inspirational at first glance. I shall enjoy spending time at your links and pursuing my curiosity further.

    The elf of course is that guy in our heads who keeps working all night so that we can wake up with at least one solution or one idea to bite into for breakfast.

    I’ve decided after years of feeling awestruck in a world full of amazing talent, that having a small awkward corner is enough of a challenge to work with, given the light shining from outside me.

  2. Hi Miles, I think jealousy can turn into inspiration. There are lots of people that I could be jealous of, but I hope their example propels me to new heights.

  3. Your work, art experiences and way of expressing them all is so freakin’ inspirational- I’m actually jealous. Does jealousy = drive? Hmmmm. You seem to live such a full artistic life. I wish I could do the same. Thanks for sharing all the pictures! I really enjoy living vicariously through your shared experiences.

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