Once upon a Line


I’ve always liked telling stories, now I make them in my art. Here’s how I started one in a project called “Skating on Thin Ice.”


Sometimes I have this feeling that the technology that I depend so heavily on is so fragile and my knowledge so limited, that I have to keep skating across the surface really fast, otherwise I might fall through the cracks. Okay, that’s a long overblown description, but how to put it into a story?


I usually start with lines and do a lot of quick sketches using different approaches, different perspectives, different people.  There are so many different ways to portray things — you have to think about what to include in the story, what to leave for the viewer to figure out on their own.


How large to emphasis certain elements, how create depth, how to show several events over time.


And dogs!
Lots of drawings of dogs, because it always helps a story to put a dog in it.

4 thoughts on “Once upon a Line”

  1. Hi Kristin, Thanks for the encouragement. Before you made the comment, I had decided to put the GPS around the dog’s neck like those rescue dogs who wore a barrel around their neck. But since you like it on his nose, I’ll have to rethink that. hmmm, there’s still time, I often change details while I’m cutting and sewing.

  2. Not just dogs, but dogs on skates!! And how elegant is the dog with the laptop on his nose to show the delicate balance we strike every time we interface with technology? You rock 🙂

  3. Of course dogs make everything better! It’s the first, well maybe second rule of quilting… I think. Actually, I never read the rule book on quilting. I kinda just skimmed through it. Actually, I never even skimmed, I just kinda looked at it and forgot about it ’til now. Actually, IS there a rule book on quilting? Oh great! Now I’m all nervous about the quilting rules.

    What were we talking about? Dogs? I like dogs.

    More coffee, please!

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