Awwk! Yesterday I went crazy cutting out snowflakes. It will take me forever to get a real snow-storm going, but thanks for all the support. I can always count on you all to make me laugh. Love the orange pompom and hot pink snowflake suggestions. Actually I have an idea for a snowflake quilt that is full of HOT colors.


The snowflakes are helping though. What is it about them that makes things seem magical? Even though I feel tortured to come up with unique patterns, I am in in awe of nature who produces billions of these just so I can shovel the driveway. 🙂


  • haha. I like that the man is no longer headless in this photo. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how each individual snowflake is different from any other? I mean, granted, we could never totally prove this given all the billions+ snowflakes and our inability to look at each one, but the thought is awe inspiring. love the reference to multi-tasking w/ the phone and laptop. 🙂

  • I’m impressed if you can go backwards! I can skate, but haven’t figured out how to stop, other than hitting the wall at the rink.

  • Very icy! I get shivers just looking at this piece.

    I love ice skating too (I even know how to go backwards and spin in a circle) I just wish it wasn’t a cold-weather sport…

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