How to be in two places at once


The editor at the last book I submitted photos to complained that my photos were not good enough, so I’ve been working on my photography. Something cool I learned this week was how to use the auto-timer on the camera. So I can set up the camera on the tripod, then run around to get in the picture. This photo probably give you a better sense of what it’s like to work on one of these quilts, since you can gauge the scale.

A couple days ago I finalized the design on the wall and started to fuse everything down. The fusing is only temporary, things almost immediately start to curl up and fall off. But it’s good enough that I can get in under the sewing machine and stitch everything together for good. Did I whine it took a lot of time to cut snowflakes. Now I’m sewing them, which could be worse!

Thanks to Virginia, Gerrie, Jeanne, and others for reminding me about Blog Action Day/Poverty. I missed it here, but their posts reminded me to get off my duff and donate to The Kitchen, a great local organization here that provides food, job-training and medical care to people in need.


5 thoughts on “How to be in two places at once”

  1. Those darn editors!
    I hear you on the fusible web thing. Looking between the layers of my work, it comes undone, but at that point the damage has been permanently sealed. I love your work Pam, I am a fan.

  2. I’m in total agreement with Gerrie (what’s new?) and Schnoobie about using the timer and also how nice it is to see the perspective of you actually in your quilt!

    Have fun with those snowflakes! I’m making some for silk scarves right now, and I can totally identify with your pain!


  3. I love using the timer on my camera, but with my addled brain, I have to look up the instructions every time!! You are right, having you in the photo really does bring it all into perspective.

    Thanks for taking some action!!

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