Lately more often than not, I wake up really early. When that happens, I workout and do some yoga, get breakfast and coffee, and head to the studio. I actually enjoy the quiet time before sunrise. This is the sun rising on the edge of the street headed east in front of our studio.


  • Hi Stacy, tried to go to your blog, but for some reason the link gave me a warning.

    Good point about the wires. I think it’s interesting how we can ignore all the clutter around us and focus on something like a sunrise. When I saw the photo on my computer, I was surprised because I hadn’t really noticed how many wires there were!

  • I was kind of surprised when I downloaded the photo to my laptop — it wasn’t exactly how I remembered it, but isn’t that interesting how different what our mind and the camera sees?

  • Great pic! I’m going to send it on to our daughter who is an engineer for Georgia Power. She will love seeing all of those distribution lines.

    I love the early morning too……..isn’t yoga at sunrise the best (well, er, it appears that you are yogaing before sunrise)!!!!


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