Interesting mail from the Netherlands


Got this in the mail the other day from the Fries Museum in the Netherlands. It’s the exhibition card for the “Quilts Kunstmet een Q” exhibtion that opens November 15, where I will have two quilts “Skating on Thin Ice” and “Blue Christmas.” Not your typical quilt exhibit show card is it?  Wish I could read the Dutch writing on the back.

holland_mail2.jpg When the editors of Handwerken Zonder Grenzen learned my work would be in the Fries Museum exhibition, they had an arts and culture writer from Holland interview me last summer for this article. It’s in the Oct-Nov. issue, and just got my copy. Can’t read it either, but the photos are nice. When I translate the website on Google, looks like the title of the article is “Comic Strips of Fabric” which I thought was pretty funny.

In other news, working on my photos to contribute to Ricë Freeman-Zachery‘s next book titled Creative Time and Space:  Making Room for Making Art. And although I submitted a portfolio to my alma mater a couple of years ago, just found out that I have a solo show coming up there in February. So better get back to work…

11 thoughts on “Interesting mail from the Netherlands”

  1. Hi Flox,

    Thanks for the email and link. I’m glad to see such great work being done by you and your friends. I think European artists are doing such innovative stuff in fiber, wish I could get over there to soak up some of the inspiration.

  2. Hi Pam,

    I will be going to the exhibition in the Fries MUseum next Friday and can send you some photos of what is going on there. It is an interesting exhibition with modern/art quilts and art-quilted objects along side traditional and antique quilts. There are colar pieces by artists of my quilt group (see: ). And… Dutch is not that difficult!!

  3. Still on a four-wheeler in the back warehouse, but we don’t have a kiln yet. Maybe Santa will have a kiln in his sleigh, haha:)

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