Lately it seems that the word-making part of my brain has gone on early holiday. Or maybe it’s honing so many short tweets has hampered my ability to string together a paragraph. Oh well, less words, more room for photos? Not really true on the web, but here’s the photos:

View of my studio as I was working on the Wish You Were Hair series of quilts. These are quilt tops pinned to design boards just before quilting. Wish I could retake this with my new auto-timer photography trick and run into the photo, but the moment has passed.


For backings, I use batiks that seem to carry the same colors and theme as the front — for one reason because as I roll up the quilts to sew on them for hours and hours, I can enjoy the fabric. I try to keep good psychic energy going throughout the making process, and continuity of color is one of the ways. If I get in a bad mood or have trouble while working, I try to leave for a while or change the music, or change my thinking. I want nothing but good energy to go into my work. Stitch patterns are like handwriting – you can sense the emotion driving the writer.


Since I haven’t gotten these on the website yet, you may not have seen the finished quilt – “St. Louis – Wish You Were Hair.” Kind of my nostalgic look at being a kid in St. Louis and remembering trips to the Gateway Arch by the river, and eating at the only floating McDonald’s on a river boat (now gone.)


Speaking of energy, here’s an alternative — riverboat driven by flower power. Notice the swoopy loops of stitching in the background. Today I’m going to focus on getting some more photos of background patterns, so it may be another day of evaporated words.


  • I lurk on your website all the time (isn’t that creepy in a weird Internet way) and I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a “Kreativ” award on my blog. When it came to creativity you were one of my top blog thoughts!
    Fabulous quilts as always! You always inspire me!

  • I just moved to the St. Louis area and I’m bummed to read about the McDonalds no longer there.
    Your work is amazing as usual! Love seeing your work in progress.

  • I lived there 80-84. I SO loved the McD’s! I worked in the Mercantile Building and we’d take a long walk for a quick lunch down at the levy. Laclede’s Landing was awesome then, spent many a Friday night listening to live music or eating an awesome stew at some Irish Pub!

    Thanks for the memory prod!

  • Love the shot of your studio. So much color. You must have a tremendous sense of accomplishment seeing them on the wall. Love the St. Louis quilt. I grew up there too. I was just in the Arch this August. Your quilt triggered good memories.

  • Hi Miles and everyone,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I know you can get yours done too. Just crack up the tunes and hopefully the good energy will flow. When I quilt I usually like meditative music like Moby or Thievery Corporation, but sometimes I need a kick-start so I start out with some loud U2 or White Stripes.

    Good energy is right!

  • Love, love, LOVE seeing your work up close- but then, what quilter doesn’t?
    My last two pieced projects are still hanging on the wall. They are usually much more forthcoming in telling me how they want to be quilted. Not this time. *sigh*
    Good energy…
    good energy…
    good energy…


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