Some of my favorite organizational tools


Usually I take a stab at re-organization at various times throughout the year, not just at the New Year. But this seems like a good time to mention my favorites. (Sorry PC users, but I think these are all mac-only programs. Although I still use a desktop PC, my main laptop is a Mac.)

• OmniFocus – fluid to-do list and multi-step project organizer. After a brief love affair with hand-written lists, I’ve gone back to computer listing again because it’s easier to manage a complicated schedule.

• MacJournal – for odd sorts of short lists, ideas, and reference material I can’t figure where else to put. I’m using it to write this blog post until it’s ready to be published.

• Bento – just got the upgrade to version 2 of this program. It’s an elegant little personal database program that has nice templates you can use right away, or easily customize. I’m planning on improving the database of my artwork I started last year. Tracking where the art is, when it’s coming home, and where it’s supposed to be going next is getting more complicated, and I could save time by not having to go to several sources to find the answers to these questions.

Above drawing is from the car wash — although those auto-magic places seem to take a long time because it’s one of few sunny warm days in winter and everyone in town is there — if you’re trying to draw something happening, seems like only seconds. Even though I’ve been sick (this whole year so far!) still trying to do the drawings.

5 thoughts on “Some of my favorite organizational tools”

  1. Hi Susie, now you’re tempting me again! I’ve been thinking I need an iPhone and everyday I hear about more reasons why. Glad to hear it’s working well for you.

    Gerrie, it’s not not that you’re old, it’s that your life is so full!

  2. I have really enjoyed using Bento but havent bought the upgrade yet, though I think it will improve the usability. I too want to get my data base info on art all in the same place. I don’t use MacJournal or Omni (yet) but I have added a couple of really interesting aps to my iphone — vlingo is a voice activated search function, reQall is a to-do list for the phone. Also I’m usign Stanza for night time reading, don’t need a booklight and I don’t have any issue with the size — 50,000 plus free books!

  3. I just bought a new I book and almost picked up Bento, but I was afraid I wouldn’t use it. I am getting a little old and little busy to keep everything in my head so maybe I will give it a try. Feel better, soon.

  4. sorry to read that you’ve been sick…..what a crummy way to start the new year. Hope you are well again soon. But, good for you that you are still drawing!! I love the car wash sketch.

    Be Well!

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