Creativity as a new focus

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If only in my own mind, I’ve decided to reframe the focus of my blog. Originally I called it my Art Adventure Blog and decided to post mainly art-related articles, projects, and photos. That was four years and 462 posts ago. (which reminds me that I need to figure out what to do about that crazy-long archive list in my sidebar)

But there are times when I’m not able to work on what I think of as heavy-duty art projects, and those are the times when I don’t post for a while.

Even when I’m not able to dedicate full days to art, I always try to interject creativity in small ways throughout the day, art being what I consider to be a subset of creativity.

So now I’m thinking about re-subtitling it, The art of a creative life which is kind of pompous, but you get the idea. Maybe Adventures in Creativity or Creative Miss-adventures? Just a little bleary-eyed brainstorming going on here at 3 a.m. What do you think?

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18 thoughts on “Creativity as a new focus”

  1. Thanks everyone who reminded me that blog is whatever the blogger wants it to be. I guess I’m trying to start this year by being a little free and looser and have more fun with it!

  2. I like it, Pam — especially The art of a creative life. And I wholly agree with Sheila — the blog is for YOU, first. The blogs I enjoy most are the ones where I see a whole person — creativity, a bit of family, other stuff … inevitably, it’s the personality of the blog that is of interest to me, usually more than any specific art. In fact, I can think of several where I liked the blogger’s art, but really didn’t like the tone of the blog or the personality that started coming thru. I’ve stopped reading those blogs, even while I can still admire the art.

    Anyway, I’d love to see a wider slice of your creative life. But regardless of what any readers want, I think it must come down to what you want to *do.*

    I look forward to following no matter what you do. 🙂


  3. Hi Alysse, I’ll put that on my list of things to blog about. Trying to more organized this year and actually keep a list!

  4. Hi! Happy new year!

    I read something you said about keeping track of how you spend your time. I’m going to track my time more this year (full time artist) because I wonder if I’m REALLY using my time as I’d like to. And weird things like finding it hard to get my bunz in the studio, but once there, I don’t want to leave. And am I paying myself enough? Etc.

    Would you like to, or be willing to talk a little about how and why you track your time and what you do with that information?


  5. Oh yes, I got the reference in “miss-adventures” and like others, thinks it suits your personality and style as it comes across in the blog. My blog is subtitled “creative journey” because when I started out, that was the whole point of the blog, to record and ponder what I considered a journey as I struggled to (and often succeeded in) creating art.

    Inevitably, things that don’t seem art related at all end up there, and I even feel guilty about that. That is until I remember that these things are also part of the journey and end up influencing how I approach my work, what I make, even IF I make.

    So my opinion runs like this. First the blog is for the blogger, to fill whatever need the blogger has for blogging in the first place. Second the blog is for the edification and/or amusement (and face it – plain old curiosity) of the reader. We’re not looking for “heavy duty” stuff with every post. We just want to be included in your adventures ( or is that ‘Miss-adventures?”)

  6. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! I guess more than anything, I’m trying to loosen up a little and give myself permission to wander a bit more.

  7. It is your blog and you should do what feels comfortable and happy for you. I like the subtitle Creative miss-adventures because it suits your personality and style.

  8. Miss Adventures seems popular, maybe that’s a whole new character. Thanks for the compliment on my portfolio and magazine article!

  9. I like “creative Miss Adventures”, though I think any one of the three would be fine. I always enjoy seeing what you are doing, and by the way, seeing you in the magazines I buy!

  10. I like the “Miss Adventures”, just as long as folks understand the ‘Miss” aspect of the subtitle, since a misadventure to me anyway, connotes something gone amiss that didn’t quite work out right……….and that is far from your work! ‘The art of a creative life’ doesn’t sound at all pompous: you have paid your dues and you are incredibly creative……..when I see that title, it makes me want to read on!
    oh, and I love your portfolio cover….especially the front!


  11. Thanks Natalya, I like that word, nonchalant. Must remember to use that more often!

    Good point Jane, I also believe that an adventure doesn’t have to be big, in fact small ones make me very happy. Good to know you think they are interesting too.

  12. I don’t think there’s anything amiss with your current subtitle. Art adventures don’t have to be big and “important”, sometimes it can be an adventure just to stumble through the kitchen for a mug of hot chocolate on the way to the studio, LOL. Small adventures in creativity are just as valid as large ones. And I think, just as interesting to your audience.

  13. Hi Claire, I was trying to say Miss as in Miss PaMdora, but you can see my neurons don’t all connect this early in the a.m.! “Essential part” — Thanks for another nice way to phrase it!

  14. I like ‘adventures in creativity’ or ‘creative mis-adventures’, which totally avoids any pomposity 😉

    My blog is subtitled ‘a creative life’. More as a reminder to me that creativity is an essential part of the way I want to live.


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