The Velcro-neutralizer


If I was a genius, I’d invent silent Velcro. To avoid that embarrassment of opening my new laptop bag in a quiet place, making that horrible rrrriiipp noise.

Here’s another use: too many zipper and velcro noises in short time cause anxiety in my dog, who realizes that this maybe an indication of packing for a long trip. Probably scares cats and birds too.

I have the technlogy to cut off the offending velcro, but thinking that it might come in handy some time when I’m treking through hurricane force winds with my laptop bag, I decided to install a Velcro-neutralizer. Simple and silly really (but I did get several questions on FaceBook) — it’s just a swatch of the oppositely-charged Velcro (available at any fabric store), cut and applied to one side of the original pair.

p.s. I put it on the prickly side, because that’s the one that always snags my fuzzy sweaters too.

5 thoughts on “The Velcro-neutralizer”

  1. Put a piece of gaffers tape across one side of the Velcro. That should keep it quiet. Then remove it when needed. I HEARD from somebody that you can do this with a messenger bag so that while in retail store one could place unpaid for art supplies in the bag without the loud velcro-y sound alerting everyone to one’s uhmm…nefarious activities. I also HEARD that the person who did this used to be a broke art student.

  2. another great idea from you!!! I have just knit myself a handsome cashmere scarf and glovelets….and that hungry velcro on my windbreaker that is hanging nearby in the coat closet is just waiting to dig into them all!! Thanks for the cure.


  3. Hi Miles,

    Didn’t see the movie — thought I was so clever! Oh well, glad I’m not smart enough to be tempted to sell anything to any army! Was the movie good?

  4. You must’ve seen the movie, Garden State (with Scrubs’ Zach Braf). One of the characters in the movie invented silent velcro & sold the patent to the US army for like a gazillion bucks.

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