Snowy day and the Sleepy-Eye bed


Yesterday was a beautiful snowy day, our first real one this year. Everything was covered in white, and the dog loved hopping through the snow like a funny snow bunny.

Where did January go? I guess I slept through most of it. Someday soon I hope that my head will shrink back to normal, and I can quit taking bottles of mucinex. In the meantime, time to get up. There’s a lot that has to be done before the end of the month, and actually there are a few days precious left. Wake up sleepyhead!

3 thoughts on “Snowy day and the Sleepy-Eye bed”

  1. Pam, I have been reading (lurking) your blog for awhile and enjoying it. But please please don’t draw yourself (or your dog) with x’s for eyes. That means you’re dead (closed eyelids are smiles). I’m afraid there will be some bad mojo if you draw that way and when I saw that picture it gave me a start. Anyway, I love your work.

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