Flat Cat


Yesterday I saw this flat cat in the neighbor’s driveway, so I stopped the car to find out why he was so flat.

flatcat2.jpg This was the answer. And this tense little stand-off continued for some time, both the cat and bunny completely oblivious to me getting out of the car and snapping photos.


Don’t fear for the bunny though. He got away after the neighbor finally came out of her house with a puff-ball duster on a stick and chased the cat away.

On another note, I’ve been sort of a flat cat for a while, but trying to kick-start the creative engines again. Maybe I someone to chase me with a puff-ball duster! But I do have another post in the que about making a gratitude journal book cover, so that’s coming up.

11 thoughts on “Flat Cat”

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  2. Cracked me up when I saw that neighbor come out with the serious cat-chasing look on her face. The thing is, it’s her cat too!

  3. haha Stacy….
    thanks just what we need to start up the engines, a little humor – thanks!

    And thanks Gerrie and Judy for checking up me.

  4. Yep: you’ve been silent for too long!
    Love the cat pic: I’ve seen our kitty Elsie do that far too many times, when she is after an oblivious birdy.

    It’s good to have you back in blogland!


  5. I wondered where you were!!! I hsve sent a FB freind request and nada back from you. I was about to e-mail you and then there was a blog post.

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