Cover for a Gratitude Journal

graditude-journal-cover.jpg Here’s a quickie project that was fun to make. I had a small quilt that I liked, but never finished. So I cut my favorite part out  — the swoopy loop stitching — backed it with two pieces of fabric and zig-zagged around the edges.

graditude-journal-cover2.jpg Inside it has a pencil pocket, ribbon page marker and an office calendar that I’m using for this year’s gratitude journal.

My friend Merrilee makes beautiful covers like this, except hers are nicely turned and neatly finished. This version was definitely more impromptu — didn’t even think of adding the velcro closure until the very end (and yes it would have been better to plan ahead!)

8 thoughts on “Cover for a Gratitude Journal”

  1. You’re certainly right. This is one project, if I’d thought very long, I’d have never done it!
    Thanks for the comments.

  2. Thanks Tammy,
    It was hard to cut it up at first, but now I’m enjoying it much more everyday than I would have ever if I had just left it stuffed in a UFO box!

  3. This is really fantastic! I love the colors. Good thing you made use of an unfinished quilt, too – gives me hope that one day my u.f.o.s will turn into something.

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