Shoes Blues


Some of my distraction from creativity lately has been a pain in my foot. Apparently either my feet have expanded a whole lot or all my shoes shrunk. None of my shoes fit anymore, and I’m sadly giving them away to a lucky sister.

Although I’d heard of Birkenstock before, now they are the only shoes I seem to be able to wear. I’m trying to treat my toes more kindly, because they have to last me a lot more years. Getting back into my yoga routine (daily now) helps also. Now I know why my yoga teacher was always encouraging us to stretch and have “happy toes!”

4 thoughts on “Shoes Blues”

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  2. Hi Gerrie,

    It’s hard when every step hurts! But I think it’s finally getting better, yay.

    And I do have an idea for a new quilt that I’m itching to start based on shoes of course! Either that or the new yoga one….

    Judy, I agree, Merrells are good too, I just have to buy some bigger ones!

  3. I used to love my Birks, but now I have trouble wearing them, unless I have socks on……so, my knitted socks are essential! I’m now addicted to Merrells: bought 3 pair of their sandals today and am loving them.
    Yayy for yoga! 😉


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