Quilt National 09 alerts

When I received the new Quilt National postcard, it reminded me the opening is soon — next weekend. And hey, I just checked and there’s a new QN website to explore — here’s a list of all the QN09 artists. I can’t remember if I mentioned one of my quilts was accepted, but I’m on the list!

It’s not a PaMdora quilt, because I sort of wanted to see what would happen if I submitted something other than PaMdora — would it be accepted? So I started the new “Wish You Were Hair” series. Another lady did get accepted into the 2009 show. She doesn’t have a name, but she does have an attitude.

PaMdora will be at the QN banquet though, wearing her old “Moth-eaten Sweater.” I did that little quilt for the Art Gallery in a Box IV which will be auctioned at the banquet to raise money for Studio Art Quilt Associates. Here’s the postcard for that:


Taking a peek at the names of the other artists who were accepted and the many other people I know will be at the SAQA conference, I wish I could be there too! The last two were a lot of fun. Here’s my blog posts from the 2007 opening and party next day outside The Dairy Barn.

2 thoughts on “Quilt National 09 alerts”

  1. Hi Dale,

    AFter the show at the Dairy Barn comes down in the fall, the whole group of quilts will travel to St. Charles for a month, then it’s broken into three smaller groups called A – B and C. This way parts of the show can travel to museums and other venues that are smaller and can’t accommodate the whole show which is quite large taken together. Looks like this year I’ll be in group B.

  2. CONGRATS Pam!!!
    What does the letters “A” “B” “C” mean..they mention at the top says it about Touring Collection but doesn’t say what each letter means….

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