She’s in the Wall Street Journal


Who? That woman I told you about, the one with a big nose and Eiffel-Tower hair.

I first got wind of the article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal from folks on the SAQA yahoo list. Those of us who aren’t at the conference and Quilt National opening last night are feeling left out and checking the internet for show gossip.

So that’s a good excuse to go out for a Green Tea Latte, right? And I found the print version on the news rack at B&N. The photo is really tiny and oddly cropped, but looks pretty swell in the website article and slide show here.

Thanks to Meg Cox, for the nice mention in her article and more info about other quilt shows this summer. I’d never heard about the populist Sisters Oregon one-day outdoor show — that sounds like a crazy fun affair!

9 thoughts on “She’s in the Wall Street Journal”

  1. Pam – way to go with the WSJ! Please let me know when the show is in St. Charles – I’d love to see it. Also love you Cheese Curls – but I think of them as Cheese Doodles.

  2. What a feather in your cap! Congrats!
    I’ve been to both the Sisters Oregon show and the Quilt National opening. Believe me, Sisters has nothing on you! QN is the best!

  3. Congratulations on your piece being in the Wall Street Journal!!! The article is really great, and is giving art quilts great exposure to the rest of the world.

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