Have we entered a beige period?

beige_hall.jpgAfter renovating the studio last year, we’ve gone to a whole new aesthetic — from orange and black checkered floors and multi-colored walls to more of a retro-Swedish-modern look with bamboo floors. We call it Studio2.0.

It’s a very calm clean atmosphere, much different than the usual colorful chaos of my fiber studio in back. I like that I’m finally getting papers, books, and other presentation materials finally re-organized after the mess when our studio flooded two years ago.

A couple of weeks ago I also feng-shuied my office, getting it really clean and organized, and usual, building my own furniture out of old doors and stuff I found in the warehouse. (Except for that $150 Art Metal retro desk that I love and drag from to where ever I happen to be working the most.)


However my new problem: The offices needs some art! especially since I’ve started talking to friends and family on Skype. When I’m on-camera, there’s nothing but a white wall behind my head. The only quirks I have in here are the hula girl on my adding machine and my ceramic lucky cat. And that leopard-dotted sofa that I re-upholstered.

I keep thinking about dragging some quilts up here, but worry they will look out of place. But it’s kind of like the cobbler’s children have no shoes. No art hanging in the artists’ studio? Okay, writing to you today has shamed me. I’ll have to get working on this.


20 thoughts on “Have we entered a beige period?”

    1. Thanks Pam! I had to laugh when I saw your comment — I thought I was talking to myself:)

      But then I visited your website and saw all your gorgeous work — love the colors. And thanks for the blog link!

  1. love the studio – looks so clean and lovely and like a space that would perfectly inspire artistic creativity. i hope you post photos of the art you choose!!

  2. Please come to my house and help me decorate. 😉 Love the mannequin. I have been thinking about a dress form lately, but perhaps a mannequin would be better?

    I think that having some spaces where there is no art is restful on the eyes and the mind and may help you focus on the new work.

  3. You’ve created a lovely space and i think all the neutrals are the perfect setting for a bold punch of color. Get a quilt or some neon up there quick! Then can you come to my house?

  4. If you don’t want to put your quilts on the wall why not put up copies of your Japanese posters? I loved the one you showed on your blog and I bet the rest of them are just as spectacular. Or some big photos of your husbands neon installations, which I thought were awesome from the pictures on your blog.

  5. Yep, when we had to replace everything, decided to go black. I thought maybe would cause less reflections on computer monitors in the offices, but just plain like the way it looks too.

    Hopefully will get some art up soon, but a little worried about the bright light from all the windows fading stuff.
    Thanks for the comments Mary Ann.

  6. I do love the new look of your office space, but you definitely need some very bright art on your walls….and you can easily accomplish that!


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