Vintage Photo Friday

Once I took this class jointly taught by a poet and a photographer. The class was called “image and text” and we did all sorts of interesting projects that I should write up, because they could be the starting inspiration for others too.

oldphoto-dandyguy.jpgOne project was to find an old photograph or series of photos that you didn’t know anything about and write a story. I’ve sort of collected some old photos that seem story-like to me, although I have written any about these yet. So you’re welcome to use them for inspiration and make up your own stories.

This dandy-looking guy gets more interesting when you find he’s part of a group of tiny photos with krinkle-cut edges. Not sure what these fellows are up to, but I think they’re wearing makeup.


Then there’s this strange contraption. Is it a boat? Is it a truck? Is it a boat-truck? Or maybe it’s an ark.


This guy gets more interesting when you turn the photo over. I think it says, “What do you think of our Sunday best. Everyone does it like this on the day of rest & it’s all right too.”


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  1. Love them!!!We should get together with our old photo collections. It is a boat being loaded or unloaded into or from a wagon. The guys in drag may be a fraternity party. There are a couple of photos in my Grandmother’s album of my Dad and Uncle in drag at a fraternity party! Hard to believe – he was such a shy man. I love old photos. Thanks for sharing.

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