Vintage Photo Friday – Capri motel sign

This has to be the best motel sign that I’ve seen in the midwest. Capri_motel_signDuring the week of installing Russ’s neon show in Joplin and this week of de-installation, I’ve unintentionally explored many routes in and out of town. By far, my favorite route is old Main heading towards I-44, because of all the old buildings and funky signs on Main. At the edge of town on the way to the interstate, there is this car-stopper.

Capri_motel_sign2You probably won’t realize how huge this thing is until I show you the motel next to it.

It has old pieces of neon hanging off of it. Wonder if any of it still lights up? There’s more neon signs that say things like “cocktails” (of course) on the bar at the front the hotel, but I couldn’t get around the Miller Lite beer streamers to get a good photo.

What do I love about this? The fonts for one thing. Would love to trace those letters and use them in a design. And the funky retro shapes.Capri_motel_exit_sign

Even the little Exit and Entrance signs are funky. You can also just see a the edge of an abandoned swimming pool on the hillside down from the sign. What a place this must have been in it’s heyday.

8 thoughts on “Vintage Photo Friday – Capri motel sign”

  1. PaMdora: I hope it’s Ok that I’ve made a painting using your photo as a reference. I’ve cropped it, changed the colors, and painted the sky blue. It’s taken a long time to paint. Usually, I use my own photos, but I think I would pretty much take the same photo, so it saved me a trip to use yours. ( I used other shots from Google for detail as well) I could email a picture of it if you’ld like. It would be great to know that it’s OK to have made the painting. I always wonder about possible copyright infringement.

    Thanks, Steve Metzger

  2. Love the picture of the Capri Motel sign. Would you give me permission to reproduce that concept in a wall hanging quilt… just my interpretation of you what you saw thru the camera? I will never get to Joplin to take my own picture. Thanks for replying to me..Marybeth (

    1. Hi Marybeth, it’s okay by me. I don’t really consider a photo like that my art, so I don’t mind you using it. It was just a record of something I liked. I wouldn’t want anyone to copy one of my drawings though. Thanks for asking.

    1. Hi Mary-Frances, I don’t know about staying there. It doesn’t really look like somewhere that I’d want to stay, I just like the sign.

      Your Flickr group is great! I’ll have to join and post when I get time. Thanks for giving us the link.

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