The Haunted Hairdryer and other Halloween Constructions

We get a LOT of kids at Halloween at our house — something like 500+  each year the weather’s good. So we have to budget for our Pyramid of Candy carefully. Also decorating is very fun. Two years ago it was “KaBOOki – The Haunted Sushi Bar” and here’s another set of photos from that year – Evidence of Ghosts.

This year, with help from two of our Chicago artist friends Mary and Charlie, the theme is “Domestic Nightmares.” It’s a work in progress as we’re working on the spotlighting for after dark, but here’s a sneak preview.


Bad hair day.


ET meet Psychic


Naughty knitting

(or happy hands are healthy hands)


Housework kills




Hmm, I always forget which fork to use first….


Robin and his mummy


Lighting one of the scenes. From here you can’t see the 15-30 foot stuffed snakes in the trees and other crazy stuff, so we’ll try to take some photos or video after dark. In between passing out loads of candy and eating some ourselves!

9 thoughts on “The Haunted Hairdryer and other Halloween Constructions”

  1. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I know not everyone gets to have kids visit on Halloween and it’s so much fun to see their creative costumes. So I’ll try and post a video later this week of the evening after dark.

  2. I wish I lived next door to you! I would be so brave and drag out my babies in the mother machine and the gorgon and the fiend….but my neighbors are freaked by my CD flag…and one does cut my grass for free so I’ll be “good” —- good and dull.

    1. Thanks Susan, I wasn’t sure about posting these photos out of context, they seemed pretty wacky — but the night turned out great and most the kids (and adults) loved it. A few were scared, but some are just plain scared of mannequins in general, even without the halloween decor.

  3. I’ll be standing in line behind Judy asking for your Halloween decorating services 😀 This is how I wish we could decorate, but we didn’t even manage a pumpkin this year!

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