Sitting in the back

When I go to videotape an event, I usually sit on the back row or in an aisle seat so I can easily get up and down as needed. The other day at the Creamery Arts Center, I sat in the back, only to be delighted to have the opportunity to draw some wonderful hairstyles while I was waiting for an event to start. Hair is hard to draw, so I’m working on it!

9 thoughts on “Sitting in the back”

    1. Hi Jacque, just put a few things in your purse. I did this drawing in a just a few minutes before an event, taking advantage of time that would have otherwise been forgotten. But I happened to have a brush pen and sketchbook in my purse. I color washed it later when I got home.

  1. I sometimes draw backs of heads when I am waiting for a concert or other event. Mine are not nearly as good as yours, but it is a great way to wait it out.

    1. Thanks Gerrie! It actually didn’t look as good when I first drew it, but then I came home and painted in the colors as I remembered them. The hair looked a lot better after I filled it in with some dark watercolors.

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