Knitting and Vintage Labels

What is it about snow that makes me want to knit??

Honestly, I don’t think about it for a year, then when the snow flakes start to fly, I’m digging around in the closet looking for some old project to resurrect.

I guess I started this scarf one or two years ago. It’s a way to use up all your odds and ends by knitting a scarf on the long side on circular knitting needles. Just use a different yarn for each row, and leave the beginning and end long to make the fringe.

I don’t have the original instructions, but by counting stitches, there are 175 stitches that I must have cast onto the circular needles.

It turned out pretty good, for having no plan and only working sporadically when it happens to snow. After the photo, I decided to even up the the fringe, so I trimmed it with scissors. Now I just have to wrap it, and it’ll be a great gift.

Last time my mom came through the studio, she said this pink dress on the mannequin was something special in its day, so after the photo, I checked the label.

There was an interview on NPR the other day about the movie, “A Single Man.” Haven’t seen it, but Colin Firth was talking about how the director Tom Ford, had custom labels sewn into Colin’s suit. Not because it would be seen, but because of how it made Colin become emersed in his role.

I love looking at old labels inside clothes, especially clothes that belong to my family….don’t know where this is going except that the hat has a label too,

and guess what — So does the mannequin!

9 thoughts on “Knitting and Vintage Labels”

  1. Hello, is there any way to truly tell how old my mannequin is. I know it is a Wolf/Vine but cant find a year any where.

  2. Love this post. When I was in college, I loved wearing the Lanz flannel night gowns – I think L. L. Bean still carries them. I had custom labels made that I use for knitting and sewing both and I get lots of comments on them. Love the scarf too – I have tons of yarn I could use to make one of these and maybe clear out some partial skeins of yarn. What size needles did you use?

    1. Hi Anne, I had to check the needles with one of those measuring things, because it was cast on so long ago that I lost the instructions.

      No. 9 needles with a 21″ cord between (or maybe 29″ counting the needles.)

  3. My Dad was V.P. of Production at Wolf & Vine Mannequins in Los Angeles during the late 1960’s and 1970’s. I used to love to visit him at the factory to see the mannequins in various degrees of completion! All the years he worked there and I never asked to have my own mannequin. I could kick myself with an old mannequin foot! You are lucky to it.

  4. Yes, those old labels were very significant. I used to make my own clothes from Vogue designer patterns and I had my own labels made to sew into the clothes. I wish I still had them!! Memories.

  5. great scarf! I’m a year-round knitter now, and am just addicted to sox….can’t have enough of my own hand knit ones these days!

    love your mannequin

    and don’t get me started on labels, especially the vintage ones!


  6. I love those vintage labels too. My father in law owned a clothing store in the 60s and 70s. He sewed his “Stadium Shop” label in all of the clothes he sold. I don’t know if he took off the original labels on or there were no labels to begin with. After he died, we took the boxes and boxes of his labels and made a quilt with his old suits and those labels! little bit of his energy keeping us warm on this snowy Feb. night.

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