Spring Clean Fever

Madly getting ready for a big ArtsFiesta! banquet/party. It’s a lot of work to clean out space for 100+ people sit down for BBQ plus all the other extemporaneous musical activities.

It’s tough to know what to do with leftover Halloween snakes, some 30 feet long.

And there’s lots of wood to move. Never know when you might need a couple of hundred spindles.

I’ve been trying to get the mannequins to dress a little better these days, but they don’t cooperate very well. Their arms and legs just don’t want to go into the clothes I pick out for them.

I must admit that getting ready for the event has forced a lot of spring/summer/fall cleaning on us — that should have been done a long time ago! And it’s interesting to find accidental sculptures that happen along the way.

6 thoughts on “Spring Clean Fever”

  1. Those snakes make me smile everytime I see them. They are quite adorable & I can only imagine having them hanging all around a large open ceiling around all the air duct vents & such. I love them. I hope that you’ve rehomed them to such wonderful places or just let them hibernate in a dark dry place for now.

    1. Thanks Stacy, the big fence is a great place to store them so they are up off the floor. Before when we had them piled up on the floor, other junk got thrown on top of them, and it was big tangled mess!

    1. Hi Emmie,

      It really wasn’t that fun, but the results are. And I did try to look for the bright spots and photograph them, like you do!

  2. You know that if you ever decided to get rid of the spindles, you’d actually need them, right? 😀 Hmmm…over 100 people? Door prizes for everyone!

    1. Hi Carolyn, What a great idea! I can’t imagine what most people would do with spindles, but it could be funny to find out.

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