Quilting in the studio

Still Sewing

This project for an exhibition at the San Jose Quilts and Textile Museum is going slower than I anticipated — partially due to the size of the quilt, but more because of the complexity. There many small details in the landscape that have to be sewn separately, and I have to be careful about which order to sew them so they don’t bubble up or go all wonky.

Quilting in the studio

As always, I am fascinated by the abstract designs being formed on the back of the quilt, so even though it’s slow — it’s an enjoyable process.

9 thoughts on “Still Sewing”

  1. I’m sorry dear, did you say you were sewing? I couldn’t take my eyes off all that thread to notice. How lovely the colors are arranged. You are an inspiration!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. The size is 68″x 50″. The thread is mostly Sulky, but I have some Metrosene Plus, and I really like King Tut superior threads for my backgrounds.

    I usually buy a whole bunch whenever Hancock’s has a sale, and those wooden racks are the only way I’ve found to keep them organized.

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