Old Irons, New Fires

Had to get the antique irons out for this one. Some patterns that I draw are either so big, or the dimensions are such that the drawing is always slipping off my work table. So I found that these old irons are perfect for weighing down the edges — and they have nice handles to move them around as needed. I can’t imagine heating on of these things up on a fire and using it to iron clothes. But maybe moving them around a lot will also help tone up my arms:)

Sometimes it’s a little scary at the beginning of a project, facing a big wall of raw fabric wondering if you’re ever going to be able to make something out of it. Wondering how it’s all going to come together. So you just sort of have to jump in and have faith that it will work, or that you will indeed be able to improvise and adapt to whatever problems you have set yourself.

Here’s some more colors that I plan on using. Earlier I had picked a safer, easier palette of mainly blues with a few teals, but then Russ challenged me to use a combination that would really pop. Sometimes it’s also good to have someone behind you, pushing to try something new. Do you have any tricks to push yourself past fear and inertia?

5 thoughts on “Old Irons, New Fires”

  1. Just love your audition. I am currently CLEANING up a pile of fabrics after a fast break with creating. My problem is, I keep wanting to be putting them into the next project instead of getting ready to go on the road again. Arrggh. Breathe.

  2. Orangeie gorgeousness! Love them with the blues, such a nice difference from the standby of ‘blue/gold/yellows. I am lucky to have a person (my daughter Ellen) here to challenge me too! I took your lead & started putting up the fabrics on the wall as you do. I’m currently working on a steampunk piece with cogs, wheels & the like. I had way more colors than I needed on the wall and was able to weed out unnecessary ones mostly by leaving it & coming back to it. It was such a great way to see all the colors that worked & I could easily spot which ones didn’t! When I had what I finally thought was ‘it’. I called in my Ace, she only removed one more color but did say I might need it if I add more wheels. I felt so proud that I had actually done it well on my own! LOL.

    1. Hey Stacy, I’m glad to hear that working on the wall is good for you too. I don’t know how I’d do it if I couldn’t stand back to review my work. Good luck on the steampunk and congratulations on your sales.

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