Vital Threads exhibition at Stephens College

Vital Threads exhibition at Stephens College

Over the weekend, Russ and I made a quick jaunt up to Columbia, MO to help install a two-person show at the Davis Gallery at Stephens College. The show called Vital Threads features my work and the work of Annie Helmericks-Louder, another Missouri artist who does art quilts, silk paintings, and fabulous plein aire pastels. Check out her website and roadtrip blog.

It was fun to meet Annie for the first time, and her husband who is also a painter and artist. Dan Scott the gallery director also brought his family, so between all of us, it was pretty quick work to get everything looking good for the reception coming up this Friday.

The Davis Gallery is a sort of retro 60’s space with floating stairs, waffle ceiling, cool chairs and a charming sculpture patio just outside.

The reception will be this Friday, August 27 from 4-6 p.m., so if you’re in the area, please stop by!

Vital Threads
August 27-October 14, 2010
opening reception: Friday, August 27, 4-6 p.m.
Stephens College – Davis Art Gallery
Corner of Walnut & Ripley
Columbia, MO 65215

Vital Threads exhibition at Stephens College

11 thoughts on “Vital Threads exhibition at Stephens College”

  1. Oh my goodness. I’m really kicking myself! I was up in Rocheport MO last weekend for a friend’s birthday celebration. I didn’t realize how close I was to Columbia or I would have borrowed someone’s car and taken a field trip to see your show! Ugh!
    It looks great.

    1. Sorry you missed it Leslie – but judging from your blog, you travel a lot! So maybe we’ll get to meet up sometime or hopefully you’ll get to see my work somewhere else.

      1. Thank you Pam for your great work. The students really got a lot out of it and fostered lots of ideas for them. It was a great show.

  2. Looks beautiful, Pam. As always. And the picture of the little boy looking up at you art quilt is a KEEPER. It’s priceless. As are you. Hope you’ll visit UT Friday nite @ Drury. Would love to see you.

  3. It looks great! I hope I can get there and see it in person. I have had an inner ear infection for over a week and have not been driving yet, but hopefully that will change soon.

  4. ..but the photo you caught of the little boy staring up at your work is priceless. Your work never fails to captivate the audience.

    1. Thanks Gerrie, I love that you think that! I like putting in lots of details, so it’s work to keep it from looking like chaos 🙂

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