Inspiration at Christine’s Studio

Last weekend we helped out long-time friend Christine Kreamer-Schilling at her studio Mosaica during C-Street Steampunk Loftwalk. Christine has been a working artist for years, doing public art projects, teaching workshops for kids, collaborating with other artists, and making and selling her sculpture and art furniture.

Since she works often with recycled materials, her studio is stuffed to the brim with shelves and tubs full of potential art-making supplies. She has an old building on Commercial Street that she’s slowly turned from a junker to a gem, and everywhere you there are interesting surprises.

I loved the look of these giant letters spelling out “more” down the steps, but wondered what it meant — until I turned around and saw the second part of the installation on the wall behind. JOY.

That pretty much sums up Christine.

In recent years, she’s made several trips out to Burning Man, and that’s brought a lot of new energy into her art. She’s the first one who introduced me to steampunk, and her idea to add a steampunk theme to the C-Street Loftwalk was an inspiration. The mix of Victorian and industrial-tech is a great fit with the electic nature of historic Commercial Street that is being revitalized by artists and art.

Here’s Christine moving a mannequin outside to advertise her open studio at the loftwalk – love the stripy tights and the colorful trim on her building.

The event at her studio was to get the community and other artists involved in a charrette to develop ideas for a steampunk fence she’s planning to build at the entrance of her sculpture lot — you can just barely see the entrance to that lot in the back of the photo.

Here’s an interview with Christine on KY3 and also on the Springfield Public Art blog — a Steampunk loftwalk and design charrette photo gallery.

7 thoughts on “Inspiration at Christine’s Studio”

  1. I love how she’s presented her open studio – what creativity! The thought of a whole building for a studio, too – with heat… maybe a bathroom… oh, I’m getting greener with envy by the minute….

    1. It really is a nice place to work. Now she’s hosting parties for people who want to plan an event centered around creativity as a way to make a little extra income.

  2. i love the photos of the shelves with all the cool little ‘artifacts’ and the letters on the stairs, makes me want to go up those stairs and see what more there is to see! also makes me want to open up a little shop in a cozy town on the main street and put some cool artwork and notebooks and etc etc etc. maybe when i retire?

    1. Hi Leah, thanks for writing. Christine sure makes it look fun to have a studio on Commercial Street. My studio is in an industrial area, so we only get tool salesman dropping by, not other artists – so I can relate to the dream of having a storefront location.

      I enjoyed your blog, especially the recent tutorial
      I’m thinking about doing some abstract work for the while!

      1. Wow! Clearly I need a champion like you in my court, and a blog, too! Your wonderful descriptions of this event and my studio is terriffic and really compliments and adds to the other coverage!

  3. I wish I could have been there for the loftwalk. I have a good friend who makes steampunk jewelry, among other things. She and I went to Columbia a couple weeks ago to see your exhibit at the Davis Gallery. Loved it! The gallery was really difficult to find, though and parking was a bear! But worth it. We also went to Bluestem Gallery downtown. Next trip may be Springfield. I miss it….is Big Momma’s still open on Commerical Street?

    1. I know what you mean about the parking around Stevens College. I had a hard time finding it the first time I went there also. Bluestem Gallery is a great place to visit too!

      Big Momma’s is still open and very popular. We ate lunch there on Sunday and stopped by for coffee later, since it was a cold day for a loftwalk. Sorry you missed it Jacque. But there are some cute shops there now, so you could just go up there for shopping someday. One place specializes in only hand-made one of kind things which is pretty impressive.

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