Looking out the window on a Snowy Morning

It started snowing last night about five and accumulated to only a couple of inches over night. This morning it was 8 degrees outside and too cold to draw. So I went to several windows to find a scene I could draw from inside the house.

I’ve been trying to look at scenes and reduce them in my mind into a few simple lines, leaving some chunk of white space for room to scribble a few words about that moment.

As I looked at the snow covering the monkey grass that lines our driveway, I thought it looked like a fluffy white fur collar, so perfect for a few minutes before I back the car out the driveway and mess it all up.

One thought on “Looking out the window on a Snowy Morning”

  1. Pam – It’s cold and snowing, so let’s embrace winter. Try making Glow Cones for your yard. You have a great yard for it! Pack a bucket, (at least 20 quarts) with sticky snow. Pick the place where you want your cone. Tip the bucket over to remove the snow. Build several layers and compress to make cones of differing heights. Scoop out the middle of the snow tower with a hand shovel. Place an outdoor candle in the indentation. Light at dusk then go inside and enjoy the show, as the cones glow and the candles sink deeper into their snowing homes.

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