Spring Crocus

Since coming back from Mexico, I’ve had bit of color withdrawal. This one little spot yellow has been waiting to greet me each morning when I walk out the front door – tiny yellow crocus just beginning to peep through the pine needles in the garden.

I did this quick sketch for @wardomatic ‘s “I need to sketch more” creative group on Flickr, and am trying to post this from my phone. Here goes…

(a bit later)

Couldn’t get the iPhone app to work, so now I’m trying this on the iPad. I know I could do this easily from a computer, but I’m trying to learn some new skills.

6 thoughts on “Spring Crocus”

  1. I love the a new sketches…I’ve just been re-invented in watercolor mode and your recent posts have been perfect for me…do you have the Niji waterbrush? the most fantastic creation of the millenium! I have battled watercolor for 30 years and in an instant, we are joined at the hip! AND just in time for Spring…
    I have ordered a used copy of the Sketching book you mentioned…everything falls into place…life is good!

    1. Hi Kerry, Thanks for the encouragement. I have a few more I’ll try to post. I have a watercolor brush that hold water in the handle – it may a Niji, and I love it! Like you, it’s made doing watercolors much quicker and easier for me. It’s especially easy to clean.

      I hope you enjoy the book. I don’t ordinarily like painting books, but this one is special I think.

  2. Seems every day I come across a flickr group I can’t live without! Thanks for sharing the “I need to sketch more” because I need to sketch more. Spring is coming over here, too.

    The soil temperature makes a difference, right? Day light hours are increasing every day, warming the earth a little more and more each day – even under the snow. What do I know? I’m just glad my kale, broccoli and garlic are doing well now we’re getting more warmth.

    1. Hey Jenny, You sound like you’ve got a great garden, so I believe what you say. The only food I can grow is basil, and I buy that already seeded. I hope you like the sketch group.

    1. These started out under snow. I was just wondering how those little guys know when it’s time to rise and shine – they can’t see anything under the dirt and the temperature doesn’t seem to make a difference?

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