Alternative Life Drawing at Art Factory 417

I’ve been looking for a group that meets to do figure drawing and recently saw on Art Factory 417 ‘s facebook page that they were having a Life Drawing Spring Kickoff. Then I read further and saw it was going to be an Alternative Life Drawing session.

I wasn’t quite sure what alternative life drawing meant, but I’ve been wanting to see inside the building — it’s a big chunky building at the end of the College Street mural. And I like their mission statement…

“Art Factory 417 fosters the growth of creative culture by providing necessary accommodations for the success of visual and performing artists. It is our goal to empower the community through education, inspiration and opportunity.”

When I got there, I wasn’t sure about drawing people in costumes and masks, mostly because I enjoy drawing faces. So I started drawing the room and the other people who were drawing.

Then a comedy team called Mike and Gary showed up and did some silly skits with a tin-foil robot. More people wandered in. Some drew from the models, some just drew. There was music, a casual friendly atmosphere, and in between poses I nosed around a bit looking at some of the artwork on exhibit, posters, and shared creative spaces.

The last pose — sort of a ‘Bunny Goddess victorious over the Feeble Tiger Man’ was inspiring and fun. I’m enjoying using the big open format of the 8″x11″ moleskine, but it took me three tries get something that would fit on the page.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next at Art Factory 417. Here’s their new Tumblr page.




8 thoughts on “Alternative Life Drawing at Art Factory 417”

    1. Hi June, actually that’s a really good point. Now it might be kind of boring to go back to traditional figure drawing.

  1. Jacque, it really doesn’t take courage to start an organization if there is a need; it takes vision. I helped when a friend called to ask if I would like to start a school. I wasn’t busy that day and said Yes. While the school took over my life for seven fulfilling years, I can still see the outcomes in continuing educational efforts in the community.

    Think about what an art organization could achieve in furthering possibilities for your artists and would-be artists.

  2. This looks like such fun! We have a lot of artists in this town, but no organization to our art community. If I had more courage, I would start one.
    Love your drawings!

    1. Thanks Alysee, I was having some trouble writing up a good description of the event, so I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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