If you don’t have a window, at least make sure you can see the world

I’ve been working the last few weeks to clean up and organize my studio to make an area for framing and collage art.  Actually, the work has spilled out the door of my one-room studio and into the warehouse.

Since we don’t have any windows in the warehouse, it’s fun to look at the world map instead. And I just had a thought it would be fun on the world map to mark cities that I’m hair-ified, kind of like other people mark cities they’ve traveled to,  I could mark the cities that I’ve turned into world class hair monuments.


It’s been a while since I’ve shown any pictures of my studio, but believe me — it may not look like it, but this is clean and organized. I’ve cleared off the 15′ table to make room for patterns and framing, and there are several projects here on the design walls in progress — some for our office building and some for a series called ‘I Wish You Were Hair.”



6 thoughts on “If you don’t have a window, at least make sure you can see the world”

  1. Pam,
    Thank you for sharing your world. It makes me want to go home and organize my space. Please keep hairing up the world. The world needs more

    1. Hey Emmie, thanks for the comments. This time of year is perfect weather for the warehouse, so it’s always a toss up between working outside in the beautiful weather or inside where it’s not too hot or cold! Trying to get a lot done this spring, hope the same for you.

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