kitchen quilt detail

Kitchen Stitching Quilt

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I’ve often though about doing more abstract work or big simple shapes because I love to stitch with loopy patterns. It’s not that big, but here’s a simple shapes quilt that I delivered to a friend this week using this stitch in the background. The simple shapes came from quick pen drawings that I later refined to use in the …


Why do they call Mad Scientists Mad?

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Maybe they’re not mad, maybe they’re just having fun. I’d forgotten how fun this is — dyeing! All summer long I’ve been fighting the heat, coming up with different strategies for working in my non-air-conditioned studio very very early in the morning and developing satellite work locations and making smaller projects on the go. Then I finally remembered that turning …

Three Kokeshi

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There’s not really much more to read here…. I just upgraded WordPress on the blog and was trying out this new theme. I like the hand-drawn look, but will have to play around with how it works. More on my new travel watercolor set tomorrow!

Fabric Portfolios 3

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Here’s the front of my new book. I’m glad so many of you told me to leave off the bindings, because that’s the direction I was already working. Actually, I’m not opposed to bindings, you’ll notice that I put funky stripey bindings on most of my big quilts. But you’re right, for such a small project the bindings were taking …

Fabric Portfolios 2

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You guys are great! I knew when I got stuck, that I would get lots of suggestions if I posted my work-in-progress. And you all really came through. Thanks for all the great ideas. This weekend I changed my approach completely – dropping the binding and doing a pillow-case finish on the covers. It helped speed things up, because I’m …

Fabric Portfolios

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I’ve been making little books for two weeks. The covers are fabric but the insides are paper. I got started doing this because I was asked by a curator to send information about my quilts, and I’m worried about sending photographs to someone who’s never seen the real thing. I don’t think the photos tell the whole story. So I’m …