Kitchen Stitching Quilt

October 7, 2011Art, Quilts 5 Comments

I’ve often though about doing more abstract work or big simple shapes because I love to stitch with loopy patterns. It’s not that big, but here’s a simple shapes quilt that I delivered to a friend this week using this stitch in the background. The simple shapes came from quick pen drawings that I later … Read More

Why do they call Mad Scientists Mad?

August 29, 2011Art 6 Comments

Maybe they’re not mad, maybe they’re just having fun. I’d forgotten how fun this is — dyeing! All summer long I’ve been fighting the heat, coming up with different strategies for working in my non-air-conditioned studio very very early in the morning and developing satellite work locations and making smaller projects on the go. Then … Read More

International TECHstyle Art Biennial (ITAB)

August 9, 2010Art, Exhibitions, Quilts 1 Comment

I’m pleased that two of my quilts will be shown soon at the International TECHstyle Art Biennial (ITAB) at the San Jose Quilts & Textiles Museum. Skating on Thin Ice will be there, and also my newest work, Tokyo – Wish You Were Hair. ITAB is a juried exhibition of work by artists exploring the … Read More

Three Kokeshi

January 25, 2010Art, Blog, Drawings 5 Comments

There’s not really much more to read here…. I just upgraded WordPress on the blog and was trying out this new theme. I like the hand-drawn look, but will have to play around with how it works. More on my new travel watercolor set tomorrow!

Fabric Portfolios Finished!

June 17, 2006Art, Projects, Quilts 4 Comments

Well, here it is after weeks of labor in the PaMdora sweatshop (I sweating have I been, over a hot iron without aircon in the studio). And golly, that stack must be at least 3.5 inches high! Actually it would have been more like 4.5, but I’ve already mailed two off. The rest I’m going … Read More

Fabric Portfolios 3

June 12, 2006Art, Projects, Quilts 16 Comments

Here’s the front of my new book. I’m glad so many of you told me to leave off the bindings, because that’s the direction I was already working. Actually, I’m not opposed to bindings, you’ll notice that I put funky stripey bindings on most of my big quilts. But you’re right, for such a small … Read More

Fabric Portfolios 2

June 11, 2006Art, Projects, Quilts 12 Comments

You guys are great! I knew when I got stuck, that I would get lots of suggestions if I posted my work-in-progress. And you all really came through. Thanks for all the great ideas. This weekend I changed my approach completely – dropping the binding and doing a pillow-case finish on the covers. It helped … Read More

Fabric Portfolios

June 8, 2006Art, Projects, Quilts 13 Comments

I’ve been making little books for two weeks. The covers are fabric but the insides are paper. I got started doing this because I was asked by a curator to send information about my quilts, and I’m worried about sending photographs to someone who’s never seen the real thing. I don’t think the photos tell … Read More