occupied with octopi

Occupied with Octopi, part one

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On a street corner outside a noisy concert, a friend pulled out her phone to make a call. I was shocked to see the front of her phone was shattered, yet she was still using it. When I asked, she started screaming at me. “It’s just so easy to use this one. I have a brand new iPhone 4 at …


Timid about Sketching in Public?

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Kerry wrote me, “my friends and I took a brief online course with Jane LaFazio…about sketching/watercoloring in public…we did just fine…most probably because there is safety in numbers…your recent sketches have all been in situations where you were known…do you feel more pressure when sketching around people who know you vs people who have no clue who you are?” I …


Drawing People at Parties

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The other evening at a birthday party, I was experimenting with taking photos of people with my phone. But editing photos on your phone eats ups the battery, and before I knew it, it was dead. So I grabbed a sketchbook and pen. Here’s what they looked like before I added some watercolor washes. Which is better, black and white …


Spring Crocus

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Since coming back from Mexico, I’ve had bit of color withdrawal. This one little spot yellow has been waiting to greet me each morning when I walk out the front door – tiny yellow crocus just beginning to peep through the pine needles in the garden. I did this quick sketch for @wardomatic ‘s “I need to sketch more” creative …


Sketching Lunch at Paco’s

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I’ve had The Tao of Sketching for a couple of years, but packing it along on a recent trip to Mexico was a great opportunity to truly study the book. Chinese artist Qu Lei Lei covers using a wide of variety of media and subject matter. Here’s a good review of the book by artist and writer Katherine Tyrrell on …


Looking out the window on a Snowy Morning

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It started snowing last night about five and accumulated to only a couple of inches over night. This morning it was 8 degrees outside and too cold to draw. So I went to several windows to find a scene I could draw from inside the house. I’ve been trying to look at scenes and reduce them in my mind into …

Simplify for the New Year

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For the last few weeks, when I wake early I make a cup of hot tea and light a candle. Then sit curled up in a quilt on a old comfy chair and watch the flame dance in the early morning darkness. Sometimes draw on white sheets of paper. I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions, and have narrowed it …